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About Swiss Street Workout

Swiss Street Workout is an association (Verein) that aims to spread the sport of Street Workout and Calishtenics in Switzerland by organizing events and providing athletes with information about their local Street Workout teams.

About SSWC

The event formats that are included in the label SSWC are namely Freestyle and Pull & Push. The highlight of each year forms the National Championship in Freestyle, were athletes compete with static, dynamic and combination moves in front of international judges to become the Swiss Street Workout Champion.

About SBC

Swiss Battle Cup committee is an alliance formed by passionate individuals from various calisthenics clubs and associations. Our committee represents a collaborative force, combining the expertise and commitment of Street Workout Concept, Neuchâtel Street Workout, Odyssée Academy, Sanokea, Barbare, Street Workout Genève and CASVS.


This year, the Swiss Street Workout Championship 2024 is organised by the Swiss Battle Cup committee.

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