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SSWC Pull & Push Championship 2023

This year in order to attend the SSWC Pull & Push Championship you need to qualify at one of the Regional Pull & Push Qualifiers.

Stage 1: Regional Pull & Push Qualifier

The SSWC Pull & Push Championship season 2023 starts with three live Regional Pull & Push Qualifiers. They will be held at the same venue and same time as the Regional Freestyle Qualifiers. Everyone living in Switzerland is allowed to participate in only two (2) Qualifiers. The Qualifiers are hosted by our partner teams: Genesis Streetworkout, Barknights and Street Workout Concept and are judged by our Pull & Push judging team. The judges are supervised by the Head Judge Mika Herzog, who will also be supervising the national freestyle judging team. It is a Sets and Reps format event.

Aesch (BL)

Bonsu Serafina

Bründler Fabian

Flückiger Nicola

Keller Gian

Kohler Julian

Moretti Gianni

Notaro Pascal

Ogg Judith

Riviere Zion

Schärer Alain

Setuvi David

Stijlen Juri

Weisskopf Marc

see National Ranking

Etoy (VD)

Bétrix Nicolas

Brunner Kim

Ernst Luca

Fahrni Yanis

Frezal Billy

Furblur Dylan

Furblur Ellliott

Joudrier Nicolas

Kocamaz Boran

Margelisch Serge

Meier Mathias

Schmidt Lionel

Schops David

Sierro Florent

see National Ranking

Rapperswil (SG)

Baćilo Stipe
Brunner Daniel

De Kleijn Siro
Ernst Luca

Fahrni Yanis

Flückiger Nicola

Frezal Billy

Gaukel Jörg

Keller Gian

Moussallem Jilwan

Ndongo Daryl Jacques

Redzepi Mirand

Schärer Alain

Schwegler Mauro

Skrijelj Ervin

Stogios Dimitrios
Vukovic Stefan

Weisskopf Marc


Stage 2: National Pull & Push Championship

The best 10 male athletes and the best 5 female athletes from the Regional Pull & Push Qualifier will get an invite to compete at the National Pull & Push Championship. This year it is held in the capitol of Switzerland at UNIK Training in Bern (BE). The judging team consists of Eric Sovers ( and Dani Brunner (D-URBAN Training). The judges will score the athletes performance according to the Rulebook. Every athlete will get 1 slot to give their best performance and score as many points as possible. The male and female athlete with the highest score overall will be titled "SSWC Pull & Push National Champion 2023".


24.06.2023, 15:00

@ UNIK Training, Bern

2 categories
(men & women)

1 Round

2 National Judges:

Eric Sovers, Dani Brunner


UNIK Training

Bolligenstrasse 82

3006 Bern

Link will be sent to 10 best male qualifiers and 5 best female qualifiers.

Registration period: 05.06. - 10.06.23,  afterwards the runner-up will earn a spot for the finals.




Athletes: CHF 25.-

(includes a T-Shirt + Goodie Bag + Participation Medal + Event Ticket Saturday)

Spectators: CHF 25.-

(Event Ticket Saturday)

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